Thursday, 18 October 2007

Primary key.

Oh. Mental as they say. Bored as they go.

ICT. Quick fix. Half-term break. Sleepover at Charlotte's.

Migraine. I wonder why.

Friday, 20 July 2007

crisp white shirt.

It's the last day I'll ever wear a WHITE shirt. Ever.
After all the drama, I actually feel that I have accomplished something in a year and have totally felt that I am moving on from where I am now.

It started out as a pep talk, with our form tutor, summing up our year and telling us how great we've been. We never expected it to be as dramatic as it truned out to be. As we placed our selves in our PSE, out of nowhere, and something we have never expected. He started to say, how he was never meant to say it, and the headteacher didn't agree with whatever he aws going to do. After an endearing speech that sent everyone to a mixed persona of boredom and confusion, before you know it he was mentioning names of those he thinks are model students and those he would be so proud of and would be happy to have as his own child. It's creepy, but there you go.

Another year, and I realised how fast this year has gone, every single coursework done and out of sight. Mock exams out of the way, but brace myself for the real ones. It's the first time I thought that I'm getting old and I need to sort myself out. It would be my last year in school and I need to make the best out of it. We'll give it another shot and take the exams, the stress, the courseworks and waterfights to give another whirl. It wouldn't hurt a fly. My head was spinning in thinking about all I've gone through and felt my head go "oooooh".

The reminder of blue shirts didn't make it any better, just the thought that you'd be head of the school apart from sixth formers. Mr. Earp dropped us cozz he doesn't think we're "motivating" enough to handle. He lost our form, but he gained our sisters. What a pratt. Seriously. Going from 11s to 8t. Clever you.

He left us with the words..

"It's not you, it's me"

No folks, it's not Hollyoaks. I could have had the 100% attendance award. Missed it by one day. What a shame really. Assembly done, Mr. Earp babbled, Khanh cried because of Mr. Earp babbling, Ms McCauley introduced to us (she knew I was Emilyn's sister :S) and word about blue shirts is released. I need to get them from Mark's and Spencer.

It's all about hot chocolates and snuggling in the sofa.
Oooh yess. Bring on the summer.

What's with all this madness?

Everyone seems to be intact to the point that Harry Potter is out this week.

To join the hype, I've decided to start reading the books yet again, to resurect my failed attempt to finish reading them damn novels. How can someone seriously write about a lad, scarred for life and make his life seem so interesting that it would make you jealous and turn green with envy? And that's under an approved time. I almost forgot how good her books were, concealed with the fact that I've been bomabarded with coursework for almost a year.

I only have 6 weeks to try and juggle art coursework, biology project, trying to get good in bowling (and completing my 12 weeks of attendance to get my t-shirt), trying to have a social life and finish all the Harry Potter novels.

I've decided to keep on top of things and be "focused" for next year.
Good luck with that.

Mrs. Canavan told us to have fun.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Don't speak.

I'm not gonna speak to you nomore, cuzz i know you're just using me.

I've been stressin out for the last week of term, cuzz every single coursework seem to be needed for this week. She only told me what I was missing out and to my horror, it was who I least want to show up.

It was all a lie and he's just using me. I refuse to speak to him simply coz I really can't stand him. I sick. I'm tired. I'm fed up. I know much too much to know what he's up to. I still hadn't forgotten what he had done before and I'm not gonna let that slip past. It doesn't even matter, cozz it never would have worked. I used to speak to him everytime, but he'd always get me in trouble. I haven't done anything wrong.

And apparently, we used to be close friends.

Friday, 6 July 2007

hum hallelujah.

Small things does amuse small minds. Note my contradiction. She simply runs to the wooden door, to the east of the frozen cold classroom. The sudden panic of the headmistress knocking on her so called “entrance to learning”, sends her to a hysteric almost alarmed sprint towards the door. The pressure to open the door in time for one of the most important people in the Catholic Partnership Schools, shuts off her ability to think sensibly and calmly head towards her older boss. Instead of gracefully gliding, out of confusion and the startling pounding, she races through the laminated flooring, almost skittles, dragging her weighty body across the room and bursts into steps that interprets to hops with a mixture of careless skipping, knocking over a pile of papers along the way. Her short hair waves in the drafty air and flakes of winter dandruff rattles from her dry scalp. Her builder arms, swinging back and forth; her claw-like nails accompanies the sway of her dainty fingers used to point at insensitive students.

At around 3:15, in a sunny Friday afternoon, thirty 15 year old girls in a religion lesson couldn’t help themselves but erupt into hysteric fits of giggles. Starting from the far corner of the room, the laughter out of seeing Ms. Wood run to the door, immediately spread like an airborne rash. Everyone suddenly darts to the same direction and like an instructed orchestra, sings the ultimate hymn of praise that will get any 40yr old blush like a beetroot. She simply could not combat the intensity of silliness her students were displaying and just when she got to the door, a chemical signal that resulted to full on flushed cheeks, delivers the message that she definitely has realized the spazzy manner in which she was running in. The immaturity continues and what must have felt like a million pairs of eyes bearing down her back, she finally unlocks the gateway out of her embarrassment and greets the headmistress with a sudden apology for the delay.

The headmistress senses her humiliation accompanied by teenage merriment, comes into the disintegrating classroom and released a phrase that placed everyone back into their mindsets and settled the minor frenzy.

Yea, so basically, we laughed at my R.E teacher cozz she looked like complete spazz running to the door, then she blushed, which made her look even more of a spazz and we got told off by Ms. Whelan and she went, “What’s so funny?! Get on with your work!” MUAHA. It was funny though. You should have been there. Katie snorted like a pig and Ms. Wood just kills it every time. She’s propa legend she is.


Mark my words. aye. aye.

I have problems concetrating and talking isn’t making it any better. I dance cozz im bored, and its not like have any better things to do. I don’t get what’s so irritating about spaming. It’s not that bad, maybe you should try it. I can’t do everything that I like cozz that would be illegal. I wish i had a lexus, but then again, that’s just a wish. Anyone can wish. Even homeless poeple, and people who are ill, and those who have exams, and my mom, and those who are in love, and people who thinks that they should win the lottery.

Sleep is a thing im deprived of, so I use lesson time to catch up. You catchin my drift?
I’d rave if it’s necessary but, I don’t possess the required energy. Simply because I don’t get enough sleep. Winding thoughts are in my head, and when I fall asleep, unwanted dreams is what I get. It’s unbelievable, but you have to take the risk.

don’t you wish you were goldilocks?

Thursday, 5 July 2007

I make diamonds cry and I write with my right hand.

Can't believe how much she ticks me off. Good thing it's actually starting to wear off. She started about a month ago. Denying her desire to sign up, a day later she posseses an account that would piss the shit out of anyone who speaks to her. Even I, who has been placed under it's devious spell, still hadn't fell for that trap. It can't get me and it never will. It sickens me the way she acts and the way she giggles her way through her mousy little teeth. I tell ya, she needs braces she does. No matter how much pep talk I shove up her pea brain, she doesn't seem to get the point. Everyone is aware of her naivity, yet she's the only one who doesn't know about it. Tough bab, she'll have to get used to WHSmith in a minute. She can go rumaging through the Amazon forest for all I know, and I wouldn't have the care in the world.

Her quest continues and I'll have another reason to feed her laxatives tonight.