Friday, 6 July 2007


Mark my words. aye. aye.

I have problems concetrating and talking isn’t making it any better. I dance cozz im bored, and its not like have any better things to do. I don’t get what’s so irritating about spaming. It’s not that bad, maybe you should try it. I can’t do everything that I like cozz that would be illegal. I wish i had a lexus, but then again, that’s just a wish. Anyone can wish. Even homeless poeple, and people who are ill, and those who have exams, and my mom, and those who are in love, and people who thinks that they should win the lottery.

Sleep is a thing im deprived of, so I use lesson time to catch up. You catchin my drift?
I’d rave if it’s necessary but, I don’t possess the required energy. Simply because I don’t get enough sleep. Winding thoughts are in my head, and when I fall asleep, unwanted dreams is what I get. It’s unbelievable, but you have to take the risk.

don’t you wish you were goldilocks?

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