Thursday, 5 July 2007

Before You Were Mine.

It still rings in my ears. It hurts like shit. You lied to me. Damn you.

REGARDER MON VISAGE. i ain't bothered.

Can't be arsed, coz you don't give a damn. There's no point coz it's pointless. Might as well run around in circles figuring out what were supposed to do. You reckon you're all that. Just so you know, you're not all that devious. Don't ask me what's Quik Pix is. I simply wouldn't know coz i've never been there. Don't worry, you'll be the first to know when I do. You didn't do anything, and that's exactly what got you there.

It doesn't make much sense, coz you're not that tall mate. It all went downhill from there. You rubbed me off. I told you off. We never would have worked. You catch my drift? I ask you questions, you don't answer them. What's that all about? I'm sick of speaking to you. You don't respond to me. Is there someone else involved? I shouldn't really get my hopes up, it would just kill me. I would go and see Shrek 3 with you, but you ruined everything. I thought bowling was fun, but all you did was drift it in the gutter. Butter my mother. I hope they dont' poison you anytime soon, coz i'd like to have a taste of you before I go back home. I heard they've been plotting it against you. I wish you knew how I felt. I'd stroke your hair, and wear your jumper. blaah. It went too far, I couldn't wake up. I hated how you bombarded my sleep, and the way you would get in my head. You hardly even spoke, but I knew you were too good. You like to play games, i'd go and play with you. I wish you knew how to play jackstones, coz I'd whip your ass on it. :)

Don't listen to gossip. I'd love you for it. I thought you could be mine. I expected a lot. I forgot about her. You never said anything but you knew her all along. I wish I knew you better, coz tomorrow i'll learn. You were never shy in the first place, you were just trying to put it off. Don't worry love, I watch Big Brother. Liam said it all.

whose small bites on your neck sweetheart?

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