Thursday, 19 July 2007

Don't speak.

I'm not gonna speak to you nomore, cuzz i know you're just using me.

I've been stressin out for the last week of term, cuzz every single coursework seem to be needed for this week. She only told me what I was missing out and to my horror, it was who I least want to show up.

It was all a lie and he's just using me. I refuse to speak to him simply coz I really can't stand him. I sick. I'm tired. I'm fed up. I know much too much to know what he's up to. I still hadn't forgotten what he had done before and I'm not gonna let that slip past. It doesn't even matter, cozz it never would have worked. I used to speak to him everytime, but he'd always get me in trouble. I haven't done anything wrong.

And apparently, we used to be close friends.

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