Thursday, 5 July 2007

I make diamonds cry and I write with my right hand.

Can't believe how much she ticks me off. Good thing it's actually starting to wear off. She started about a month ago. Denying her desire to sign up, a day later she posseses an account that would piss the shit out of anyone who speaks to her. Even I, who has been placed under it's devious spell, still hadn't fell for that trap. It can't get me and it never will. It sickens me the way she acts and the way she giggles her way through her mousy little teeth. I tell ya, she needs braces she does. No matter how much pep talk I shove up her pea brain, she doesn't seem to get the point. Everyone is aware of her naivity, yet she's the only one who doesn't know about it. Tough bab, she'll have to get used to WHSmith in a minute. She can go rumaging through the Amazon forest for all I know, and I wouldn't have the care in the world.

Her quest continues and I'll have another reason to feed her laxatives tonight.

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