Friday, 20 July 2007

What's with all this madness?

Everyone seems to be intact to the point that Harry Potter is out this week.

To join the hype, I've decided to start reading the books yet again, to resurect my failed attempt to finish reading them damn novels. How can someone seriously write about a lad, scarred for life and make his life seem so interesting that it would make you jealous and turn green with envy? And that's under an approved time. I almost forgot how good her books were, concealed with the fact that I've been bomabarded with coursework for almost a year.

I only have 6 weeks to try and juggle art coursework, biology project, trying to get good in bowling (and completing my 12 weeks of attendance to get my t-shirt), trying to have a social life and finish all the Harry Potter novels.

I've decided to keep on top of things and be "focused" for next year.
Good luck with that.

Mrs. Canavan told us to have fun.

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